Tips how to viral instagram reels – However, we have learned a few tricks for creating viral Instagram reels that you can use to your advantage. To help you get more views on your reels, here are some tips on how to get them viral.

To give you a better idea of how I go about creating viral Reels, I’ve included a list of the exact steps I take at the end of this post.

Pick a Theme for Your Instagram Reels

The first step is to pick a theme for your reel. It can be as simple as the ocean, a close friend, or a particular location you’d like to highlight.

My best reels have a common theme. This Reel, for example, is all about the cozy cabin atmosphere. Three of our favorite cozy cabins in Australia have been featured in this post. The cabins were also mentioned in the caption.

Follow Trends But Make Them Your Own

Instagram Reels

If you want to stay on top of the latest Instagram Reel trends, you’ll need to act quickly. Even if the video doesn’t fit into your regularly scheduled content, getting it out quickly is more important for trends.

If you wait a week or two, you may miss out on the hottest new thing. To reap the benefits of using a trend while it is still popular, you must post it as soon as possible.

However, if you’re jumping on the bandwagon, look for ways to personalize the trend. To do this, you can either add your own unique flair to it or tailor it to fit your target market.

I’m a big fan of the new Google Maps trend. One of my favorite plas was able to shine through.

Use Trending Music & Music that Fits the Theme

For your Instagram Reels, if possible, try to use songs that are currently in style. If you’re unable to locate something current or popular, try searching for a song that complements your chosen theme.

One of the best ways to get Reels to go viral is to have music that other people want to incorporate into their own projects. having your Reels’ music play when someone clicks on it

Consequently, we avoid using original sounds on our reels.

Choose a song for your video and make sure your clips are in sync with the beat. Even though it may take some time, the video will look much better if the changes are timed correctly.

Listening to the lyrics and timing of the music are two of my favorite things to do when I’m listening to music. Whenever possible, I use video clips with fast motion to match the tempo of the music. If this is the case,

As for the lyrics, I try to match the words with the visuals or video clips I’m using. My recent Instagram Reels featured a song-to-video matchup, for example.

Next, I used a clip of me turning to face the camera when the voice says, “If you don’t stop and look around once in a while.” These minor details may go unnoticed by some people.

To make editing Reels on Instagram easier, I screen record the music or sound effects I want to use on the reels before uploading them to the app.

Using InShot, I’m able to extract the audio so that I can edit my reels to the beat and align clips with specific words in the audio. It’s a lot easier than trying to go back and do it all over again.

Provide Value Through Education

Instagram Reels are a favorite method of teaching for many people. Because they are concise and easy to remember, they are often bookmarked for future use.

In the long run, your Reels are seen as more valuable by Instagram, which means they are shown to more people who share your interests.

Regardless of what niche you’re in, you can use this advice to your advantage. For instance, if you’re into travel, you could offer advice on a location you’ve been to. Most niches can provide photography or editing advice that is relevant to their area of expertise.

Fashion allows you to demonstrate how to put together an outfit and provide advice on current trends and seasonal fashions.

Tutorials and tips on how to care for your skin or experiment with different looks with your makeup are a big draw for beauty content creators.

In addition to showing quick recipes that people might enjoy, food content creators can provide baking tips or recipe improvement advice.

Make Instagram reels based on the questions you get the most frequently. Travel and photography-related reels have been among our most popular. We made a Reel of our favorite spots in Tasmania after receiving numerous direct messages asking about them.

Make use of Reels in order to spread the word about your blog post.

Five more places to see are listed in our guide to the best places to visit in Tasmania, which you can find by visiting the blog post linked in the caption.

This means that more people interested in Tasmania will be able to access our blog post from our bio when the Reel goes viral.

Add Text to Your Instagram Reels

Another way to make your Reels go viral is to add text overlays to them. If you’re using an inspirational sound, you can use text overlays of what the voice is saying. You may recall seeing an example of this in one of my earlier Reels about how fast life moves.

Another way to add value to your audience is to include text over your Reels. Text overlays help those who can’t hear you because you’re talking during the Reel.

Your video should be 9:16 in length, but your text should fit within the 4:5 aspect ratio. There are a number of ways you can make it easier for people to see your video when they scroll through their feeds.

It is possible to accomplish this in a number of ways. Put yourself in the shoes of an Instagram user and post as if nothing is wrong. Alternatively, you can zoom out to the 4:5 aspect ratio and see if your text fits in the preview. Also, you can use a program such as Canva to create your Reel. Create an 800 X 1000 pixel design and insert your video. You’re good to go if your text appears onscreen as the video plays. If it doesn’t, you can make the necessary alterations to make it fit.

To accompany our blog post on Australia’s bucket list accommodations, I created this Reel to showcase some of our personal favorites. I added a text overlay with the name of the accommodation to each one.

It also has a text overlay that tells viewers what the video is all about at the beginning of the reel.

Because they can see the locations in the Reel, many people ended up saving it for future trips to Australia because of this feature.

When they return to the page later, it will direct them to my blog to learn more about the destinations featured in the post. In a matter of seconds, they can find the hotels they want to stay in while on vacation.

Use High-Quality Footage Instagram Reels

Yes, high-quality footage is required, but we rarely use any of the footage captured by our professional cameras (get our full gear list here).

It is instead primarily shot with an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Use InShot to Edit Your Videos in Instagram Reels

One of our favorite ways to get your Instagram Reels to go viral is to use InShot, which makes video editing a breeze. Video slowing and speeding up are all easy with InShot, as are text overlays and the matching of images and videos to sound. A 9:16 video crop is the ideal size for Reels, so be sure to use it!

Pause on each beat of the music to get your reel to match the tempo of the song. Then you’ll be able to quickly line up your clips to that exact location. One of the reasons why InShot is one of the best Influencer apps for content creators is because of the options you have.

Sometimes Short and Sweet is Better

It’s easy to assume that you must use all of your Reels to their full potential. Squeezing in as much as possible on some Instagram reels makes sense. Reels that are less than three minutes long are more likely to go viral.

Prevent viewers from swiping away before the end of the reel.

That’s why attempting to make your Instagram Reels longer than they need to be is a bad idea. Keep things moving and keep the audience engaged. A few seconds less is preferable to making the Reel run longer than it should ever be.

We’ve had a lot of interest in these 10-second Australia bucket list reels. It shows enough images of Australia to keep people engaged, but not so many that they lose interest and swipe away from the screen.

Our 30 second Reel probably wouldn’t have done as well if we had cut it down to that length.

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