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Given the high level of excitement among practitioners in these areas, more work is needed. Practitioners can also aim to build tools such as (Uddin and Khomh, 2017a, c) which can perform automated analysis and summarization of discussion and events in relevant Meetup groups. Another analysis that we aim to perform is to understand the reasons on the reasons that affect female participation in Meetup groups. In this research question, we analyzed what topics are more popular with Meetup groups in recent times. Stable over past few years the focus on such topics is expected to go down. You never know, maybe your local fruit & veg co-op will be supplanted with a row of GrowCubes in a few years’ time. We found that topics related to broad themes of blockchain, machine learning, cross-platform development etc. are becoming popular over last few years. Also as seen in Table 2 we can see that our event dataset spans across various topics. Table 3 shows some descriptive statistics with respect to gender distribution across the groups. We first analyze the Spearman’s rank-order correlation between the feature sets and merge conflicts, as shown in Table III. Almost 98% of Fortune 500 companies use Postman’s products, according to Asthana, while Freshworks’ first client was based in Australia.

POSTSUBSCRIPT. For each rule, we also compute the lift, which is the ratio of confidence of the rule to the expected confidence given the dataset, and use it to filter the rules that are potentially most useful (i.e., having high lift). All of these are examples of libraries, frameworks or platforms used by software developers. The rise in Meetup groups related to these technologies points to an increased interest in the software development community to get up-to-date with these platforms. Alternatively, you can start working on some freelancing projects or join an internship program to get hands-on experience in developing software applications. The approaches to developing software highly depend on these different characteristics, which are the context developers are subject to. We can see that 19.82% of the members on an average are female. We have analyzed associations for topics related to groups in our dataset to see if we can find some interesting associations based on these topics. 5.4. RQ4: How does the popularity of topics of Meetup groups change over time? We also did a gender based diversity analysis on members of Meetup groups and found that 19.82% of members are female on average, which is a higher proportion as compared to female participation in other social channels related to software development (Vasilescu et al., 2015; David and Shapiro, 2008; Vasilescu et al., 2013a). Also based on Meetup topics we were able to build an association graph of Meetup topics, which we hope will help the researchers as well as the software community to understand and appreciate the various inter relationships in social interactions for software development.

This numbers is larger as compared to results reported in previous studies, 3-9% on Github (Vasilescu et al., 2015; David and Shapiro, 2008) and 7% on Stack Overflow (Vasilescu et al., 2013a). This insight shows that females may be more comfortable to participate in events in Meetup; the reasons for which deserves more research and understanding in future studies. We found that female representation in the Meetup groups being 19.82% which is higher than what has been reported for other social channels,3-9% on Github (Vasilescu et al., 2015; David and Shapiro, 2008) and 7% on Stack Overflow (Vasilescu et al., 2013a). Females tend to participate less if the technical barrier is too high (Mendez et al., 2018). So further research is required to validate if the female participation is higher only for Meetup groups which have a low technical barrier or if it is standard across all the Meetup groups. In upcoming years, a whole set of next-gen products through ML will transform the way we create, use products and the approaches that are being used to develop software and applications. One reason for this phenomena is that in Hands-on Sessions participants actually work on exercises and modules, and thus have better understanding of the topic that is being discussed in the event. The test gave a p-value which is less than 0.05, and thus we can say that the distributions are significantly different.

To validate that female percentage for groups with female organizers is indeed significantly different from the groups with male organizers, we performed the Mann-Whitney U test (Mann and Whitney, 1947) on distributions of female percentage for both cases. We then computed the percentage of male and female members based on the total members count present in group which was extracted earlier as described in Section 4.2. The total members count includes members whose gender could not be determined. Among these 5,008 groups we found that for the groups where the organizer was female, the mean of female percentage for such groups is 28.97%, as compared to 17.60% for the groups where the organizer was male. Also gender analysis on group members shows that female representation in the Meetup groups is higher as compared to other collaborative sites frequently used by developers. A look at the recent organized events shows that many of them can be classified as Hands-on Sessions, a category developed as part of RQ1 in Section 5.1. The other popular topics relate to some recent technologies such as ethereum and hyperledger are both related to another topic blockchain, which in very simple terms is a list of records linked and secured using cryptography. This data w᠎as writt​en by GSA C​on​te​nt Gen er​at or DEMO.

How to Deploy an App Using Google Compute Engine: I lay down the steps I had to follow to deploy my toy project (implementing Google’s OAuth framework), to Google Compute Engine. We believe supporting contextual knowledge through its representation and mining for recommendation and real-time provision can significantly improve big data software project development. Markinson is a business software company dedicated to the creation and provision of innovative ERP and POS software solutions to retailers and wholesale distribution businesses throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Step Three and Step Four were performed iteratively and repeatedly if new artifacts for a company were found in Step Four. Hakon Wium Lie, the chief technology officer at web browsing company Opera, told the Times HTML 5 “gives trackers one more bucket to put tracking information into,” by monitoring information such as location, emails and online shopping cart contents. The empirical evidence that average female participation in groups is higher if the group organizer is female serves as a cue for various communities such as open source organizations, software development companies etc. to increase the proportion of females in leadership roles in order to encourage more female participation in their organizations. Enhancing productivity. Journeymen are competent enough to be the source of Software-Engineering advice. One challenge is understanding the reliability of the source of the information. One may want to acquire expertise in these technologies together.

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