How to Increase CPC AdSense Blog Quickly and Easily – How to Increase CPC AdSense – A few months I did a little research on the CPC of my own blog. I admit, almost all ways to increase CPC adsense blogs on the internet I have done and applied. However, the result feels ‘nothing’.

Therefore, this time I will share this experience with all of my friends. Hopefully, you can read this long article carefully and get answers to the question, how do you increase your blog’s CPC?

Know the Terms in Adsense Blog [at a glance]

In order to know how to increase adsense, you must know a few terms that are in Google Adsense. Especially in the calculation of income.

Estimated Income [Home]

In this card, there are several sections. Starting from today’s earnings, yesterday, this week, to this month. Next to it, there is usually a total balance which is all the money you have.

Performance Column [Home]

It is in this performance column, a blogger must see carefully. Even every day and every time doing experiments.

Pageviews: Shows how many real visitors come to your blog
Page RPM: Predict the amount of money your blog will make
Impressions: so far, shows the total where your url is showing on Google search
Clicks: The total number of clicks made by visitors to your website
CPC: Cost per Click, meaning the price of each type given by Google Adsense
Page CTR: percentage of clicks compared to pageviews


The section that you can use as a place for ad settings. Either automatic ads, manual ads (in-article ads, display ads, in-feed ads and search ads). If you want to increase Adsense CPC, then you must know this setting.

Blocking Control

In this section, you can adjust the ads that appear. Can block ads manually, or by category. This section is also important for you to know and understand.


The section in your publisher’s Adsense Account that is used to see the performance of incoming clicks and intercepts. In this section, you can analyze and compare. Starting from the source of the device, country of origin, and so on.

The five parts above you must understand first before you want to increase the CPC Adsense blog quickly. The easy way to understand it is to open it every day, experiment every day, and keep on updating the content.

How to Increase Adsense Blog CPC in General

If you search on the internet, there will be many sites that provide a lot of exposure about how to increase Adsense CPC. These methods are certainly very general, why do I say general?

Because this method can be said to be relative and not very influential. Especially if you already have a blog that has a mixed niche (gado-gado). What are some common ways that can be done?

cpc adsense

1. Site Niche to Increase CPC Adsense

The first way to increase CPC Adsense is a niche site. Niche is the topic of the article. Topics must have a high CPC. Because not all topics have high click pay.

Some recommended topics with high CPC are as follows:

Financial related (Crypto or money related)
Health or general health tips
Automotive and Technology

Basically, this niche is more accurately said to be your blog’s specification. If your blog really professionally discusses one niche, then it’s not impossible that your blog’s CPC will be high.

The analogy is that you are actually advertising a product to people who are looking for information about that product area. So, your blog will also increase the conversion of these products.

2. Keyword Profit (HPK) to Increase CPC Adsense

Not all discussion topics can invite clicks and generate large CPC. Therefore, keyword research and knowing the details of the CPC of these keywords is very important. You can read the article HERE to find out how to do keyword research that is easy and free.

The greater the CPC of a keyword, the more profitable the discussion of that keyword will be. Therefore, I do not recommend arbitrarily choosing keywords when creating articles. Also make sure long-tail keywords and LSI in your articles that have a high CPC.

3. Advertising and Placement to Increase CPC Adsense

Not all ad spots have a great CPC. In one particular case, I found the CPC of ad placement in the widget was much smaller than in the article. Whereas with the same type of advertising, namely display ads.

Therefore, you really need to experiment. So you can find out the most strategic places for your ads. Of course, all blogs are different, so you’ll have to do your own experiments.

4. Quality and Lots of Content

The next tip is content. Content is everything on a website. Without content, the website will not be of much use. Therefore, make sure to have lots of quality content to support your Adsense CPC.

From my experience, CPC from Google search sources is much better than CPC from people who click links on social media. Quality content is the key to getting traffic from Google.

5. Visitor Location

Next is the location of your blog visitors. The location is crucial. This can be analogous to the UMR. Of course, the CPC of developed countries will be greater than the CPC of developing countries.

Therefore, many bloggers are trying to compete with English-language content. They target visitors from the UK and USA. The goal is to get a big CPC and make a lot of money.

6. SEO Optimization

As I said before, the CPC of visitors from Google is greater than visitors from social media. Therefore, try as much as possible to get a lot of visitors from Google.

The trick is to understand SEO and start doing off-page and on-page optimization. So, don’t expect to get a big CPC if you don’t have a strong SEO blog.

7. Blacklist Ads as Necessary

One technique that people commonly use is to block ads. Can this increase the CPC of your blog? Of course it’s relative. But I think most don’t. Because again, CPC can be high when people who click really need the ad.

So, if you block a lot of ads, there are a lot of chances that you will also block large CPC ads from your blog. Therefore, you don’t need to block too many ads. Just block annoying ads like 18+ ads.

8. Don’t Have Too Many Ads

Too many ads on one page, will be very bad for your CPC. Because it could be, because there are too many ads, visitors click on the ad not because they need it but because they squeeze it.

It is one of the big factors causing your Adsense CPC to drop. Therefore, make sure to place ads properly. Place it under heading one, in the middle of one, and at the end of one. That is enough.

9. Switch to AMP and Increase Blog Speed

According to an article I read on, AMP can improve your website’s performance and ultimately increase visitors. Because of that, your CPC can go up. However, there are many bloggers who feel that AMP doesn’t have much influence.

However, it is very important to improve website loading performance. So that your visitors don’t run away because your website is too slow. Therefore, make sure the following things:

Use a fast and responsive template
Make sure it’s mobile friendly
Don’t have too many useless plugins
Use AMP if needed
Don’t focus too much on appearance and forget about website speed

Website speed is important, because when the Adsense code is displayed, your blog will get a third-party script. If your blog is slow, then it is guaranteed that it will be difficult for Adsense to accept (especially a newly created blog).

10. Take advantage of Ezoic

The last tip is to take advantage of Ezoic. A platform that helps your ad placement. So that Ezoic can provide maximum performance for your ad placements.

Therefore, it is not surprising that large websites such as news websites do not hesitate to use Ezoic. Because that way, they will have no more trouble maximizing the performance of ads on their website.

Those are some tips and tricks on how to increase your CPC Adsense Blog quickly and effectively. However, there are several things you need to know about the size of this blog’s Adsense CPC factor.

Other Factors of Adsense CPC Size

Basically, there are still many factors that cause a small Adsense CPC. These include the following:

Down conditions or advertising cycles (there are periods)
Your website is still too new
Clicks on ads that were not intended (squeezed)
And so forth

Basically, there are many things that cause Adsense CPC to go up and down. All of these things, of course, you have to fight with super content with super off-page as well. Therefore, you need good articles and can use the services of an article writer.

Increase CPC Adsense Blog Gado-gado

Sometimes, someone prefers to create a mixed blog. So whatever the content is. Such blogs are called hodgepodge blogs which of course have relatively low CPC. So because your niche is not specific, it’s no wonder your CPC will be low.

Some things you can do to increase CPC Adsense Blog hodgepodge are as follows:

Keep doing HPK research
Create great content and answer visitors
Don’t put many ads on one page

Dont Forget to Visit other My Webssite

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