How to Download Facebook Videos on Android & IOS – As of today, Facebook Videos is one of the most widely-used social media platforms. Instagram, on the other hand, works with you to publish your stories. An additional feature of this app is the ability to provide comments and likes on a user’s posts.

Well, there are a lot of features that allow people to connect, which is why Facebook is the social media queen. You can list your products on the Facebook marketplace, even if you don’t have an online store.

Facebook’s popularity can be attributed in part to the convenience it provides for sharing and reliving special moments with loved ones and friends.

Even though Facebook is preferred by most families, it’s not the only option. Is it possible to download Facebook videos if you can’t? Let’s take a look at the following piece.

Know What is Facebook

Founded in February 2004 in Menlo Park, California, United States, Facebook is a social networking service. Currently, Facebook has more than one billion active users, more than half of whom access the site via their mobile devices, as of September 2012.

Before accessing this site, users must register. User profiles can be created, friends added, and messages exchanged, including automatic notifications when a user’s profile is updated.

Aside from that, users can join groups of people who share common interests, such as those organized by workplace, institution of higher learning, or some other characteristic, and create lists of friends, such as “Coworkers” or “Close Friends.”

How to Save Facebook Videos to Your Computer, Android, or iOS Device

Before we can download a video on Facebook, we have to go through a series of complicated settings. Come on, take a look at the steps below.

How to Download Facebook Videos on PC

Facebook Videos

If you want to download photos, you only need to save the ones you want. Video on Facebook, on the other hand, is a different story. Just follow these simple steps to download videos from Facebook (FB):

To copy the video URL, right-click on the Facebook video, and select “Copy video URL at this time.”

Copy the link to the Facebook video you want to download and paste it into the window.

When you’re ready, click the Download button.

On the following page, you can choose between SD or HD quality.

It’s simple: Right-click and save this Facebook video to your computer.

Press “Ok” after you’ve selected where you want to save your files.

How to Download FB Videos on PC via Application

If it was available online, then that makes sense. Installing this 4K Video Downloader app is required. This app can run on a variety of devices. Using 4K Video Downloader, you can save Facebook videos.

Please visit to download 4K Video Downloader and select Install.

Right-click on the Facebook video you want to download and select “Copy video URL at current time” from the context menu.

Open the 4K Video Downloader app and select the option to paste a link or enter a URL.

The clipboard will be used to retrieve the video link.

Select the video resolution and quality that suit your needs.

click “Download”


How to Download Facebook Videos on Android

With Android, you have a lot of options when it comes to installing apps and browsing the web.

However, installing applications carelessly is strongly discouraged , Especially malware-infected applications. You can download Facebook videos on Android by following these steps.

The video you want to download from Facebook can be opened in the Facebook app or website.

Tap “Share,” then “Copy Link,” in the FB app to copy the link.

Copy the website address into your browser’s address bar. can be downloaded if you use a browser that has this feature enabled.

Most Android browsers, including Chrome, should be able to make use of it.

Click “Download” after you’ve copied and pasted the requested link.

On the next page, in Chrome, tap and hold the video quality (normal or HD) you prefer.

To watch the video in Firefox, simply tap and hold the link.

If you’re using Chrome, go to File > Save As > Save Video As…

You’ll be able to access the video in your downloads.

You may want to check your browser’s settings to see if the video is saved somewhere other than the “Download” folder.

How to Download Facebook Videos on iOS or iPhone

Just about any app won’t work on this Apple-branded iOs device. Cydia Impactor is one such application. Take a look at these steps:

In order to save a video from Facebook, you must first select it.

To copy a link from an app, click Share, then Copy Link.

URL can be found in the address bar of the website.

Open in a browser that supports downloading; Safari and Chrome, unfortunately, aren’t among these.

Enter the URL and click the Download button.

Tap and hold the desired quality on the following page.

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, click the “Download” button.

Go to your browser’s downloads section. On the iPhone, the hamburger icon is located in the bottom right corner, while on the iPad, it is located in the top right corner of the browser.

Tap on the video when you get there. To save the video, click the ‘Save’ button.

You’ll find the video in the Photos app’s camera roll if you do a search there.

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